The Tennessean – VIDEO premiere – “The Singer (in Louisville)” – The Coal Men – “Pushed to the Side”


Coal Men reap benefits of rock ‘boot camp’

When Nashville band the Coal Men decided to film a music video for “The Singer (In Louisville),” the closing track on their upcoming album “Pushed to the Side” (out Aug. 19), the roots rock trio knew exactly who they wanted to star in it: their wives.

“We begged them to be the better versions of ourselves (in the video),” frontman Dave Coleman said.

In the playful video, the three women—Stephanie Coleman, Cole Slivka and Kat Martin Ray—sport outfits similar to what their husbands often wear onstage as they strum and lip sync along with the song. Slivka, standing in for bassist Paul Slivka, brought her knitting to the video shoot to keep her occupied during downtime. Director Bob Delevante incorporated it into the video, using it to represent a guitar solo.

This video—and the video for the album’s introspective opening track, “Depreciate”—was filmed at the historic Downtown Presbyterian Church, where the Colemans are members.

“Music can be so narcissistic; this is a reminder that it isn’t the be-all, end-all,” Dave Coleman said.

The Coal Men will celebrate the release of “Pushed to the Side” on Aug. 27 at the Family Wash. Next month, they’ll return to their second home, the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West, for what Coleman calls “rock ‘n’ roll boot camp:” seven consecutive nights of four-hour shows.

“I think I’ve learned more doing that than any other show,” he said. “Every time we go there, we get better.”

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