Click iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp to listen and purchase the album.

Label: Vaskaleedez Records

℗ ©  2016, Vaskaleedez Records.

-media download, "Pushed to the Side" album cover. photo by Connie Chornuk design by Bob Delevante


Click iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp to listen and purchase the album.

Label:  Aimless Records / Vaskaleedez Records

℗ © 2013, Vaskaleedez Records.

Photo by Bob Delevante


Click iTunesBandcamp to listen and purchase the EP.

Label: Vaskaleedez Records

℗ ©  2013, Vaskaleedez Records.

-media download. print by Dave Coleman, design by Bob Delevnate



7 thoughts on “ALBUMS

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  2. I love the two CD’s I bought last June at Hog’s Breath. I am going back to Key West in April. Hope you are there.

    Bill from Boston.

  3. your music is awesome!! I had to drive 600 miles for business yesterday and I listened to your music the entire time!!!Wish you would come to Cincinnati- its ok, I’m coming to Nashville 8/20 to hear you rock out!! Can’t wait!!

  4. Hey Sean,

    Thanks for listening. That’d be great if you can make the trip for the 8/20 show.

    -dave c.

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