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Recording at Howard’s Apartment Studio


DC & guitaras fish eye


March 12, 2016

Dave Coleman – Production Reel – 022916

Song Information

[brief clips of songs I’ve produced, recorded and played on] – 5 minutes

•“In Death Go Back” – Griffin House – Based On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville

•“Forever Ain’t the Way – Brooke Waggoner – Based On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville

•“Uhuru” – Michael B. Hicks – Based On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville

•“When the Rain Come Down” – Phil Madeira – Based On: Words, Notes and Art from Nashville

•“What’s it Worth” – Jen Gunderman w/ Sheryl Crow’s backing band  – instrumental theme song for Vanderbilt/Coursera class Understanding the Music Business: What is Music Worth?

•“Goodbye Loneliness” – The David Motel – People, Places, Things

•“Little Girl from Natchez” – The David Motel – People, Places, Things

•“Ain’t That How it Goes” – The David Motel – People, Places, Things

•“Hold On” – Bob Delevante – Valley of Days

•“See You in the Morning” – Bob Delevante – Valley of Days

•“Drag the River” – Mayday Malone – Weathered

•“No Sign of Rain” – Mayday Malone – Weathered

March 6, 2016

I’m finally updating the website and getting our plan together to release Pushed to the Side. I’ve helped record a lot of great music recently outside of The Coal Men.  I’ll be sure to start listing clients and projects soon.

January 21, 2014

Looking forward to new shows with The Coal Men, and finishing a 10 song album we started down in Key West.  We started the project at our friend Lance Taylor’s studio and now for some singing and overdubs.  It’s a cool collection of story songs, and lot’s of baritone, space, and deep rhythm section.

Wrapping up records with Mayday Malone, Matt Murphy, and Samantha Harlow.

Helped celebrate an EP I helped produce with Will Kimbrough for Sara Jean Kelley.

Starting an album with Stephen Simmons called Silly, Sad, and True.

More to come…. I’ll try to post more often.  best, dc


August 27, 2013

Glad the album has come out today.  Thankful to all the support and the feedback. To celebrate, here’s a video or me playing an instrumental version of’ Daniel Lanois “The Maker” filmed at Nashville’s Downtown Presbyterian Church.

Video: Dave Coleman – Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker”

July 27, 2013

Having a great time in my studio, Howard’s Apartment, making a new album with the great Samantha Harlow and her wonderful band.  We’ve recorded 8 songs and it’s shaping up beautifully.

This weekend I’m producing a new album with Mayday Malone at the Toy Box.  This band is made of working class guys with a genuine love for there family and for the real, and sometimes dark, stories of Americana.

Braden Land has been over with Matt Murphy, a Mississippi songwriter that has traveled all around.  We’ve been chipping away at his new record with sessions that have included Marc Pisapia, James Hagerty, Adam, Abrashoff, Jed Newell, and Scott Chisolm and the Better Half.

June 7, 2013

Had a great time on my birthday with an all-star cast at the Family Wash performing with the Rhinestone Country Revue.  I got to play some great country songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s including hits from Don Williams, Dolly Parton, George Jones, and other greats. I was reminded once again of the amazing talent of my friends: Stephen Simmons, Sara Beck, John Byrd, Lauren Lucas, Tommy Keenum, Trisha Brantley, Jaida Dreyer, Smith Curry, Duane Blevins, Marty Lynds, and Molly Jewell.

I’ve been keeping Howard’s Apartment Studio busy lately with music from Dave Powell and the Lonely Gales.  I produced and played on his new E.P. Recovery Blues. (click the link and you can download it for free from NoiseTrade.com)

Last month I played guitar on Rod Picott‘s new album (coming soon).  I had the chance to work with some real heros of mine including Rod, R.S. Fields, Joe Pasapia, Marc Pasapia (Joe’s brother), Lex Price, and James Haggerty.  The new album sounds amazing. Congratulations to Rod for fine songs and hard work.

Two months ago, Todd Snider introduced me to Tanya Montana Coe.  We’ve recorded three of her songs so far and I can’t wait for them to be heard.

May 22, 2013

Just got back from a great run of shows in Key West, FL. I played 7 solo shows, 8 Coal Men shows, and 3 gigs with friend Ericson Holt.  Had a blast recording vocals and some overdubs on a new E.P. that Dave Ray, Paul Slivka, and I are recording.  It will be called Skeletons and will be released a couple months after Escalator comes out. We had the pleasure of having Jimbo Mathus guest on a couple of these new songs.  Here’s a ruff version of a new one called “Dog Won’t Hunt” with Eamon McCloughlin doing all the string parts.

Dog Won’t Hunt (Ruff Mix)

Jimbo & Dave

July 27, 2012

Here’s a cool version of the song “Stuck” that I recorded on a Stephen Simmons session a while back.  Stephen was tracking with some fine folks that day including Marty Lynds (drums), Jen Gunderman (piano), Eric Fritsch (bass), and myself on guitar and steel.  It was a long night and at some point we took a few stabs at “Stuck” a song I wrote with Tim Carroll.  Stephen added a bit of wurlitzer electric piano on this too.  I just got the tracks and threw together this “ruff” mix.  Check it out.  Thanks, -dc

Stuck (at Eastwood)

Here’s a Ry Cooder inspired Drum and guitar song I did a while back.  It’ll be on an instrumental record I’m slowly chipping a way at.

HIgh Low Drums (v.2)

Dave Coleman’s collection of useful things today:

I just got the Line 6 M5 multi-FX pedal with an expression pedal.  Lot’s of cool noises on this one.  I’m looking forward to using this live.

Nov 28 – Dec 4 in Key West:

I’m gonna be using the small pedalboard (Boss TU-2, Boss OC-3, Z-Vex Box of Rocks, Boss DD-5 with PVC tap tempo, MXR phase 90, and Electro-Harmonix Pulsar Tremolo). I’ll be using the Electro-Harmonix Magnum 44 for my amplifier through a 1×12 cabinet. Finally, I’ll be singing through a trusty Shure Beta-58A.

15 thoughts on “dave coleman

  1. Being watching for the new CD. Get back up to Buffalo, NY or within a couple hours, hope to see you guys soon. John

  2. Just checking in on you guys and waiting on the new record and more importantly, some dates to come listen to you guys play.

  3. Really looking forward to the new record! And the Instrumental Record sounds very exciting! Keep up the good work…

  4. Hello Dave – Are the Coal Men playing anywhere in the Nashville area Apr 5-6 ?

  5. So sorry I didnt’ get back in time for your trip. We are playing 4-19, but I was in the studio with Rod Picot that week. I’ll do my best to keep our show dates up-to-date.

    -dave coleman

  6. In key west for a girlfriends 40th birthday I had the pleasure of seeing the coal men not one, but 2 nights…never heard of them before this trip and now I’ll never forget them. Thank you for sharing your talents. It was just an absolute pleasure to watch you play. I can’t wait to see you again. “Where words fail music speaks”. Thank God for music, and for the coal men 🙂
    Your new biggest fan
    Kelly “Tinkerbell”

  7. Dave, we will see you in Key West the week of September 8th. Look forward
    to some of your great music. See you soon.

  8. Thanks Tim. We are so glad to be coming back to AC&T. Sure appreciate you making time to see the band.
    Dave C.

  9. Dave; Been a fan since I first herd natural wonder. Been following you guys since you started . Want to buy your first and upcoming release. I have kids with songs .. Can’t seem to get a hold of your stuff .. Besides CSNY you’re the only one who has my ” just knowing ” interest .. help me buy Your first, and up coming, release .. Your stuff is very difficult for me to get .. Don’t know why. .. Your talent is phenomenal and so appreciated. I do so hope I hear from you, again all I want is the privilege to hear you play ..

  10. Hi Dave, It’s been along time and I was just surfing for some new material to listen to.
    Judging from what I could find you’re doing ok and great to know you’re pursuing what you enjoy.
    I believe it was 1999 or close to when I bought your Gibson guitar with the Bigsby off of EBAY. You threw in a John Prine DVD beside one of your CD’s.
    Just wanted to let you know I still listen to it. The new material I’ve watched is great and your guitar playing never let’s me down.

    Best regards, Jeff Atkins (Warren Pennsylvania)

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