American Songwriter – Premiere “Depreciate” – The Coal Men

Song Premiere: The Coal Men, “Depreciate”

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The artist: Nashville-based Americana vets The Coal Men

The song: “Depreciate,” off the band’s fifth album, Pushed To The Side, which drops August 19

Fun fact: Lead singer Dave Coleman hosts a weekly songwriting series called “Short Sets” at The Family Wash in East Nashville (ACTUALLY IT’S COLE SLIVKA WHO HOSTS, DC GUESTS OFTEN)

Songwriter says of the song: “Aging gracefully isn’t easy for a car or a person, but all the experiences along the way are worth the miles and years. Years ago we were the new band, a new model. Now we are road tested and still have a long ways to go before we get put up on blocks. The band had an old Chrysler Town & Country van that gotten stolen in Florida. I didn’t know how much I loved that thing until it was gone, but I know it’s still out there, somewhere on the road, sort of like The Coal Men.” —Dave Coleman 

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