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The Coal Men

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I’ve seen the episode of ABC’s Nashville wherein Avery Barkley achieves an “East Nashville-meets-dubstep” sound, and I’ve read a reality show casting call for bands with “East Nashville attitude,” so I’m well aware of how ridiculously stylized and self-conscious characterizations of East Side music has gotten. Which makes me appreciate neighborhood stalwarts like The Coal Men all the more. Led by singer-guitarist Dave Coleman, the roots-rock trio put a few years of sweat and smarts into its fourth album, Escalator, released in conjunction with Todd Snider’s Aimless Records imprint. The power-pop songcraft sparkles, the guitar licks pack a jangly, melodic punch — and at no point do the guys sound the least bit hung up on, say, exuding arty urban indie-ness, or whatever the hell East Nashville attitude is supposed to be. And wouldn’t you know it, their album’s actually fun to listen to. This show celebrates both Escalator and brand-new tour EP Skeletons, the latter of which comes with the price you pay at the door. Plus part of the proceeds will go to animal welfare organization East C.A.N. 7 p.m. at The Performance Artist Co-op


—Jewly Hight

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