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  1. Hi Dave, It’s been along time and I was just surfing for some new material to listen to.
    Judging from what I could find you’re doing ok and great to know you’re pursuing what you enjoy.
    I believe it was 1999 or close to when I bought your Gibson guitar with the Bigsby off of EBAY. You threw in a John Prine DVD beside one of your CD’s.
    Just wanted to let you know I still listen to it. The new material I’ve watched is great and your guitar playing never let’s me down.

    Best regards, Jeff Atkins (Warren Pennsylvania)

  2. Been trying to find CD of “Nowhere’s Too Far” but nowhere to be found. Is it available anywhere, either physical media or digital download? (other than the outrageously priced few on Ebay)

  3. Please come back to Key West in January 19 – February 9, 2020. Would love to see you guys again!! You are awesome!!

  4. OMG! You guys are awesome. Please come to Orlando. I would love to see you live. Found your music on mikemarrone.com From the Basement show.
    Mind Blown!!!

  5. I just heard Father Find Me Now while watching Deadliest Catch S5 E14 for the send off of Jake Anderson when he had to go home to be with his family after his sister died. Such a perfect sound.