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Recorded by: the Coal Men
Written by: Dave Coleman / Jason Hitchcock


She had some pretty way about her
The boys would ask her what’s goin’ on
But pretty fades with age into forever
You always think you have it til it’s gone
So long ‘Til it’s gone

She grew up, was cut out for a prom queen
She had no chance of winning him at all
She was always looking out for a James Dean
You always think your right ‘til your wrong
So long ‘Til you’re wrong

He never seems to love her like he use to
Cause he never stays at home very long
Forever was something they never thought of
But you always think you have it ‘til it’s gone
So long ‘Til it’s gone

Now a little boy sure could use a father
But you do the best you can to get along
Blame yourself for the last time he was leaving
And you always think your right but you’re wrong
So Long ‘Til you’re wrong
So Long ‘Til it’s gone