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Recorded by: the Coal Men
Written by: Dave Coleman
Jody Nardone - Hammond organ


Well you get the bill and I'll get the tip
But next time around it won't be like this again
Not again
You know I'm new to town still getting the feel
But who the hell said this city was real my
friend, can I call you my friend
All the silver-lined clouds are getting stormed
out for a northwest kid trying to figure it out
I'm a northwest kid trying to figure it out
Well nothing's back home except a stupid old
man who never knew he could so he told me I
can't I used to listen, used to listen
My uncle was different he had a hell of a way
Used to make me laugh with every word he'd say
and I miss him, sure do miss him
All the memories slowly fading away
For a northwest kid trying to find his own way
I'm a northwest kid looking to figure it out
Austin, Little Rock
Some little town in Mississippi
Houston, Unicoi just south of Johnson City
Well they're all the same only different names
Well thanks for letting me get it out in the clear
Yeah I've said more words than you wanted to
hear and I thank you
I just can't stop thinking