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Recorded by: the Coal Men
Written by: Dave Coleman/Stephen Simmons


Well I thought I was smart
Swore I had a brain
Felt I had a heart beat
Thought you where feeling the same
So strange
Not even close
My own little yellow brick road

I was out on the lake
With a line and pole
Guess I caught what I wanted
But I couldn’t keep holdin’ on
So long
So tight
Like the fish that broke that line

Old tales and stories that just cloud up your mind
Once upon a time I bought them line after line
Babe you almost sold me on you one last time
Oh no… Almost

Hey lord this is little bitty me
Talkin’ to big old you
Tough to believe in your stories
Lately stories just ain’t been true
For me
Looked down you probably see
These days I believe in hardly anything